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Even more precise location of nearby pokemon ON MAP!
Date 17.07.2016
Author ValBeich415
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So... someone on reddit figured a way to get this into Google maps.

It looks like this:

So then this happens:

And with some luck, this happens:

And yes I know its CP is low, I'm low level alright! Busy writing guides for you guys!

This is how it works.

1. Download Python 2.7.12
2. Install it, default location in C drive is fine.
3. Download this:
4. For the sake of this guide, extract the contents to C:/Pogo, if you know what you're doing then extract it where ever you want.
5. Go to your Python scripts folder (C:/Python27/Scripts) and copy pip.exe to your C:/Pogo folder.
6. Go to "Run" with Windows Key + R or Windows key and type in Run.
7. Type and run
8. In CMD, type, each in one line, you can copy from here and paste into CMD, but you must right click > paste to paste.
cd C:/Pogo
pip install -r requirements.txt
9. In order to run the map thing, in CMD type (after you've done cd c:/pogo)

For example: -u derp -p derpina -l "-33.85917940190019, 151.21322393417358" -st 10
I'd recommend 5-10 steps. The location must be inside the ". USE POKEMON TRAINER CLUB ACCOUNT, I CAN'T GET GOOGLE WORKING
10. Go to browser and open in your URL.
11. The script takes bloody forever, more steps = longer load.
12. Then just go chase it. If you jump more than 2km on Nox or something in a second, you'll get soft banned for 30+ minutes, rendering you unable to loot Pokestops and capture pokemon.



Common errors:

[-] RPC server offline
Server is down.

Some JSON error
Restart script. Likely server overload.

AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'unknown7'
Restart script. Likely server overload.

Optional upgrades:
Quote Originally Posted by newtonized View Post
heres a command you can copy into notpad and save as .bat to run the comand faster
cd C:\YOUR PATH\PokemonGo-Map-master
start python -u USER -p PASS -l LOCATION -st 10
start chrome.exe http://localhost:5000/
To show location on pokemon:
Quote Originally Posted by piotr55 View Post
1) open with editor
2) go to line 244
3) replace "'infobox': pokemon[1]" with
'infobox': pokemon[1]+': '+str(pokemon[-2])+', '+str(pokemon[-1])
4) save and restart script
If you post screenshots, make sure your username and password is not displayed.

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